Moroccan Filigree Ornaments

Moroccan Filigree Ornaments


The idea for these ornaments came from the classic silver bells that are so classically Christmas but with a fresh twist.

Equally as intricate these ornaments are hand carved in Marrakesh by artisans that usually work on much larger scales, but I was able to convince them to work on a smaller scale to create a beautiful and timeless ornament that can use for decades to come.

Each globe takes around 13 hours to complete, ensuring that each detail within the filigree is perfect. They are finished off with velvet ribbon imposted from Switzerland.

They are aprox 3.5 inches tall and lightweight enough that a Christmas tree branch can easily support it.

You can choose between the brass and silver, as well as your preferred ribbon color.

Gift Wrapping: Each one will be wrapped in festive tissue (white tissue with gold stars) and tied up with ribbon, for both safe transport and easy gifting.

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