(Sold Out) Black Kilim Black Rug/ Throw

(Sold Out) Black Kilim Black Rug/ Throw


Aprox 5x3.5

Woven by hand in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco by the local Berber village women. The are hand died to a unique color, so no two are ever alike. Each rug in this style takes approximately 12-18 hours to complete. 

This size is great for kitchen, bathroom, bed throw, etc.

The colored embroidery design is patterns of the Berber tribe tattoos that are thousands of years old. (I have added an guide sheet that explains what some of these symbols mean) 

Made from 100% heavy cotton and the embroidery is all handwoven with cactus fiber. (This rug is free of harmful chemicals and can be used in any part of your home).

Only one available. For more information please email me at Kathryn@WedToWhite.com 

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