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COLORES collective:


By Kathryn Swain

COLORES Collective is born from the love of travels and the colors, style and fashion I encounter in every corners of the world I've been fortunate enough to visit. I take the inspiration from the places I have been and translate it to items that turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one. 

Everything on the site is handmade so that each piece is different from the next. 

Based in Houston, TX 

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The Totes:

I hand paint each custom tote and average of 3-6 hours to complete depending on the order. I take pride in the fact that each bag is unique and thus small variations in the sizes, colors, etc are to be expected- making yours one of a kind!

The Jewelry: 

Every pair of earrings has a story and is named accordingly. From the mountains of San Miguel De Allende inspiring the "Miguel Bird Earrings" to the colorful pom poms and evil eye earrings that created the Dubai Earrings. I put great thought in making each pair and selecting each stone, pom pom, bird, etc and I hope you will see that in the vision and craftsmanship of each pair. 

New collections will always be in the works so become a part of the COLORES family and always feel free to suggest a certain style or request a special order. 

With love,

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